Poloniex How to Generate API Keys for Remote Trading

This is a perfect blog post on how to enable remote control trading in poloniex. Make sure you transfer bitcoin to your margin account first. If you keep all your coins in your non-margin, regular exchange account, we cannot trade with leverage in the margin section for you.

The first line of this section should show that you actually deposited bitcoin into your margin account:


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How to do margin trading on bitmex

If your brand new to Trading Bitcoin, just use a maximum of 2x leverage. What that means is that you’ll be able to borrow twice as much Bitcoin as you’ve actually deposited into bitmex.

The catch is that since your deposit is being used as equity or collateral for the loan, if bitcoin price falls 50%, then the amount of loss will become exactly equal to your collateral and the bank will take all of your collateral and you’ll be liquidated.

So if you only asked for 1.5x, then the price of Bitcoin must Fall 66% for you to lose everything. If you ask for 10 times Leverage, turn the price of Bitcoin can fall 10% and you lose everything.

The good news is at 10x Leverage, when the price of Bitcoin doubles you will make 10 times your money. if the price of Bitcoin goes up 50%, you will have made five times your money at ten times Leverage.

This is why wealthy individuals hire

The first thing you have to do is deposit money, Bitcoin into
Click the deposit button to reveal your address

Buy Bitcoin at current price.
Use 1.5 to 3 times leverage maximum.
This field is in US dollars. So enter the number of dollars that your entire Bitcoin deposit is worth
Then just click the green button to be able to buy 1.5 or 3 times more Bitcoin as you can afford to.
The position margin should be filled up. This tells you how much you can afford to buy and how much you’ve already bought.
This line tells you how much profit you have compared to how much you’re investing
When you’re ready to sell everything just click this button


There are two sets of photos in this instructional blog post. The first set is showing you how to setup margin trading in hbg dot-com. Oddly, in some countries you can get all the way to the end of the process and get an error message saying that Huobi does not support margin trading in your country. in this case you have to go to a separate sister website called

Photos for both cases are posted here you only have to use one or the other method.