What we do for clients… Icx XLM

We had a client come to us with a lot of icx two weeks ago.

He had taken a large loss so far.

He lost so much money on icx that he just couldn’t bring himself to sell it.

Guess what we did?

We sold it.

Notice how much more he would have lost if we didn’t sell it for him?

But also notice when we bought back.

Most clients can’t do the emotionally painful work of selling at a loss and then waiting for 2 whole weeks to buy back in.

Most people get itchy. They have to do something.

We don’t get itchy. We don’t fomo. We don’t get mislead by pr fud.

This is why the wealthy hire us – http://bitcoin-fund-manager.com


This is not a buy signal.

Based on what the market does… We might just dump icx at the same price here.

Here’s a fresh xlm trade. We made 10% in 6 hours.