Zilliqa. Why it’s a major top 5 coin in the waiting.

Posted via Google voice transcription. Please excuse the weird transliteration.

Zilliqa is a dark horse in the ecosystem of dark horses called Cryptocurrency.

Of course there are other major dark horses like decred and litecoin. Decred because no one’s heard of it and like going because everyone thinks it’s dead. But these two coins are innovating years in advance by focusing on atomic swaps. But we’re not here to talk about deke red or litecoin.

Zilliqa just announced that it will be the first token the act as an STO. You will be able to buy shares of private companies simply by buying zilliqa the coin off any Exchange. Think about what that means. If a small biotech company sells 10% of its private shares to zilliqa, then zilliqa owns 10% of that company and you can buy that ownership from zilliqa itself just by buying the coin.

You can own shares of hundreds of private corporations and startups just by owning zilliqa. Zilliqa will be the first coin to actually have real world intrinsic value.

“But wait,’ the skeptic says. And remember all skeptics are ignorant. If you are knowledgeable you would never be skeptical. Knowledgeable people either approve or reject, they never sit in the dark skeptisizing.

“There’s nothing to indicate this will succeed.”

Have you tried buying zilliqa in bittrex? It’s blocked to all United States Byers. You know where you can buy silica? You can buy zilliqa in binance. Coincidentally binance just announced two days ago that they are now able to accept director Fiat purchases from Euro in GBP. Co coincidentally, coinbase just listed zilliqa a few days before that. And just like United states-based bittrex, United States based coinbase also will not let you trade zilliqa in a USD pair.

By the way, I’m sure it’s unrelated but Coinbase just announced service for Euro and GBP based users in Europe.

When you see four massive coincidences converging on one coin within the same 10 day period of time, it might be time for you to start connecting the dots.

These are the dots that VCs are plotting out in a PowerPoint deck to raise millions of dollars. And just these four dots alone werent cheap to plot.

Remember, follow the money. Do it before the bigger money gets in and buys out the bottom.

PS. Zil is also the first coin to incorporate sharding. You know why litecoin gets major pumps. It gets Bitcoin features first. Zil gets ethereum features first. But none of these factors including mainnet launch have been priced in due to Bitcoin Fud. As soon as Bitcoin becomes bullish, the first coin to skyrocket will be $zil.