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We Protect and Grow Your Crypto Holdings 24h a Day

We do remote control trading for your coins while they stay securely in your own exchange account

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How we do it

Where my funds are

Where we are

What our clients and members say

Why you will do much better using us

What are our results

What is our strategy & philosophy

What exchanges do you support

How do commissions work

What is an API

Can I withdraw or deposit while you manage my account

How much will I make in a few months

How do you predict what’s going to happen

What do I get?

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You and I both know Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are volatile. When Bitcoin was $20,000 it lost half its value in 5 days. We sold our clients’ bitcoin at $18,000 and just held USDT in their own exchanges.

In the 5 months before that, Bitcoin went from $1,800 to $20,000 for over 11X ROI. While we didn’t buy that dip at $1,800, when we saw that Bitcoin was relentlessly bullish at $3,000, we urged our clients to buy more now. They stayed in the market until $18,000 with us.

When everybody was bullish because CBOE and CME announced launching Bitcoin futures, we knew futures would put massive downward pressure on all of crypto so we exited at $18,000.

When everybody was falsely accusing Tether USDT of being a scam, we stayed in the market to make profit for our clients.

What you get by becoming a client is insightful, executive crypto-money management. You get 24h customer support. You get full explanations of what we are doing and why. You even get private opportunities to buy into crypto projects before they become public or ICO.

You get all the benefits of having a 24h fund manager while keeping all your funds in your own exchange account.

Where My Funds Are Kept

Until we get to know each other, you keep all your funds in your own exchange account. In fact, you can just continue to keep your funds in your own account if you prefer.

We can remote control trade for you 24h a day within your own exchange accounts.

We do not need your username or password. All high end exchanges issue what’s called an API. APIs allow for remote control trading while blocking all withdrawals.

We have a Grand Cayman Islands based hedge fund. Once you establish a client relationship with us, you can make direct deposits into that fund for long term management.

The main reason our long term clients choose to deposit funds in our Grand Cayman hedge fund account is because we offer lower commissions rates for longer term deposits.

How Do Your Commissions Work?

We use the “high watermark” method. Every monday, when you have profit above your last ending balance, we send you an invoice for 30% of that profit. If you don’t have any profit, we won’t bill you until you do. Essentially, we work for free until you make money first.

Most hedge funds charge you a monthly management fee of 2% or 3%. We don’t.

The only other time we charge you anything is when you open your account. We charge 7-14.888% of your total funds to be managed to set-up your account. That includes analysing your current portfolio of holdings.

We have to invoice you because we cannot make withdrawals from your account.

How We Do It

The crypto market is brand new. Wall street traders have sophisticated software and bots they can buy off the shelf. We develop our own software to automate and manage your funds.

So we can buy, sell, analyse, and manage your portfolio much more efficiently than you may be able to.

The trading is physically done by using an API programming language key that your exchange provides for remote control trading. You can find this key in your profile page under settings.

Using this API key, our custom developed software and bots, analysis by our 19+ crypto analysts and advisors, and our sleepless experience, we remote control trade for you 24h a day.

How do you know what’s going to happen before it happens?

Truth is, nobody knows what’s going to happen. So a better question is, “how do you keep out-performing most everybody else?”

While nobody knows what will happen, most people don’t even have a clue about what CAN happen. In other words, there’s a massive difference between not knowing what WILL happen versus not even being aware of what CAN happen.

If you know what CAN possibly happen, you can set up aggressive yet safe strike strategies if this or that happens. We set up exhaustive if-then strategies.

The real question is, “how do you know what might happen in the future?”

That’s the truly hard part. We have private and personal relationships with big VCs in San Francisco, fund managers in Wall Street, economists in universities, and legislators in office. They pick our brain. We pick theirs.

Sharing insights within our network of leaders and applying those insights to protect and grow your crypto holdings is about the best we can do. We let Bitcoin do the rest.

Where We Are

We have offices in SF, NYC, London, Barcelona, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul. Our analysts and advisors are all over world. You know most of them. They are some of the most influential people in Social Media including Twitter and Youtube. We work and communicate 24h a day with each of them. Our main office is in Yeouido, Seoul, Korea. Yeouido is a tiny little island in the middle of massive Seoul. This island is the financial district of Seoul. It’s Asia’s Wall Street. Seoul has 9.87 million people. New York City has 8.5 million people. Long time clients and investors are welcome to visit any time.

What Our Clients and Members Say

There’s an old Korean saying, “If my cousin buys a house, I get a stomach ache.” It basically means that it never feels good to see someone you know become successful. Our clients and members are very vocal about how much success they’ve had with us. Regular people have become millionaires working with us. And they tell the world. So, the rest of the world gets a stomach ache. They hate. But the only thing that matters is what our clients say.

I’m not saying our clients are always happy. Working with us is not magically going to make your account balance go up every single week. There will be times when you and we together feel the drain of the bear seasons and sell downs.

What I am saying however is that clients who’ve been with us for a few months are very vocal about their profits. And they give the rest of the world a stomach ache. This is what they’ve said:

Why You Will Do Much Better Using Us

Can we all agree that experience is a plus? Executive Traders have been trading Bitcoin since it was $8. We’ve had a few minutes of experience. We’ve seen hacks, government regulations, banks, G20 committees, senators, and Wall Street leaders attack Bitcoin. We’ve seen the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading volume move from the USA to China to Japan and to Korea, each with totally different trading styles.

Through all this, we’ve seen how, how much, and how fast the market reacts. We’ve seen how much the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and all your favorite altcoins gets impacted. Not sleeping and watching the news together with the TA charts 24h a day for years gives you something like a 6th sense.

We’ve been around the block-chain. Use us to your advantage. Hire us and keep a small chuck of your crypto under your own management. Then compare the difference in a few weeks.

You will do much better with us than without us.

What Are Our Results

We publish our trades. We make our trades public. You can find up to date trade records on our blog at

. When some of our trades need to be explained, we post videos of our trades on our Youtube channel:

subscribe to it. We occasionally share secrets on Youtube that we don’t share anywhere else.

Here’s a short list of our performance as featured in your Youtube channel:

One of our more recent wins include an 1100% return on $CNN coin. That’s 11x. You’ll find the details of that trade in both of the links above.

What Is Our Strategy and Philosophy

It’s obvious that the digital revolution is changing the world. It’s obvious that cryptocurrency is changing the financial world. If you’re in crypto, you picked the winning horse. So the only question is how much will you win?

Whether you’re a regular person or a high net worth individual, you want to have a meaningful experience in this crypto revolution. So we focus on coins that have the highest likelihood of giving you much more ROI than just holding Bitcoin or the other large caps like ETH, XRP, LTC, etc.

We pick, after exhaustive research and due diligence, coins that should be in the top 20 market cap list but are greatly undervalued. One of them is $QKC. Quarkchain is currently ranked 300 in market cap. It should be in the top 20. Another was $CNN. We already realized 11x or 1100% profit from $CNN coin. There are about a dozen other coins that are greatly undervalued. These are the coins we buy and sell for our clients to catch bottoms and sell sudden parabolic tops.

Good trading outperforms just holding by miles.

But yes. We do also trade large caps. You have to have a strategic mix in your portfolio and know how to bounce between all of them for maximum profit.

If I had to sum up our philosophy and style, we aggressively go out and win for you while minimizing every kind of risk. There’s two ways to minimize risk. You can either relentlessly keep asking questions and find answers that mitigate risk or you can pull out of the game and stay home. Guess which method we use to make low risk high return trades for you.

What Exchanges Do We Trade For You?

We can remote control trade for you on several exchanges. They are, Binance,, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, and a few other smaller exchanges. At the time of this writing, we recommend and Binance the most. They have the most bullish coins and the most volume. Huobi has an advantage over Binance in that when a Huobi coin gets listed on Binance, the price instantly jumps 300-500%. So catching coins on Huobi before they get listed up on Binance is a smart move.

If you are a USA citizen and you cannot use, Binance also has an advantage over Huobi. Binance gets more volume and has BNB coin. BNB coin, when traded well, can yield some of crypto’s highest ROIs.

Depending on your goals and time line, we can advise which exchange would suit you best. Contact us.

What Is An API?

An API is a side door to your account. APIs are used by 3rd party software to remote control your account. Without an API, you’d only be able to manage your account by login in. With an API, a human doesn’t have to use your login or password to make adjustments to your account.

Every major crypto exchange has an API system that lets 3rd party software like our bots and our own custom developed software trade for you 24h a day via remote control.

One of the best parts of an API is that you can block withdrawals so you give only trading access to us. That’s security.

Can I Withdraw or Deposit While You Manage My Account?

Yes. But.

Yes. It’s your money. It’s your account. You can withdraw or deposit any time.

But, there are a couple issues to know. If you withdraw or deposit funds without telling us, you break our accounting system and bots. Our system monitors your balance and holdings. If there’s a sudden change in balance without our system knowing why, it can’t compute. And your account cannot be traded.

So all we ask is that you let us know if you’re going to withdraw or deposit.

Also, if you deposit funds above your initial starting balance, just pay the initial fee again. Every time you deposit funds, it takes our analysts and engineers time and energy to set up your account.

If you withdraw funds, you can simply deposit the same amount back into your account without paying any additional fees. You only pay a one time initial fee if you give us more funds to manage.

But in all cases, we do need to know if you’re making a deposit or withdrawal.

How Much Will I Make In a Few Months?

Ask us again in a few months after you become a client. We should be able to give you a very accurate answer.