How are the Member Rooms Different?

You’ll notice that when you go to , there are three different rooms with different monthly membership prices.

Many if not most of the buy sell signals are the same.

In fact, we share the same signals with the public over social media too.

Here are the differences: Price, Timing, Coins.

If we were to announce a strong buy on a coin at the same time to everybody, the coin would make a big green candle and most of our members would FOMO buy into a spike. Then as soon as they bought, the price would go down. So nobody feels a win.

So what we do is give the first buy signal to our Oriental Whale Club. Then we wait until volume looks steady to give the same signal to our Dolphin Circle. Finally, we share the call with Black Marlin.

Sometimes, the time gap is short. A few seconds.

But even a few seconds can make a big price difference.

We have more members in Dolphin Circle than Oriental Whale Club. And we have more members again in Black Marlin than Dolphin Circle. So while Whale Club members might buy and sell more per person than our other rooms, there’s not nearly as many of them. So the total buying volume of Black Marlin is generally greater than Oriental Whale Club.

This is why we give the Oriental Whale Club first signal. Because they make the smallest green candle when they buy. And they make the smallest red candle when they sell.

We also give higher volume coin buy sell ratings to the Oriental Whale Club. This is because they buy more per person. So Black Marlin might not appreciate a Dash buy or sell rating. The Oriental Whale Club will.

We offer different coin calls to each group where applicable. For example, we give very low cap coins to Black Marlin and Dolphin Circle where we might not even tell the Oriental Whale club. That’s because with low volume coins, one whale can destroy the entire order book.

Basically, you’ll make the most profit if you select the room that best fits your investment size. That’s how we’ve structured it. It’s a win-win-win structure for all of our members and each of our groups.

If you have questions, you can ask at